Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Land and Distance Measurement Units used in Nepal

In Nepal we use different units for measurement of land. In hilly regions we use Ropani-Ana-Paisa-Dam system while in Southern parts i.e. at Terai region we use Bhigha-Kattha-Dhur system.

The conversion between these units and also to the SI unit is essential as we come across this situation often.

The conversion factor for these units is as follows

Ropani-Ana-Paisa-Dam system

•1 Ropani =16Ana
•1 Ana =4 Paisa
•1Paisa =4 Dam
Bhigha-Kattha-Dhur system

•1 Bhigha= 20 Kattha
•1 Kattha= 20 Dhur
For inter conversion between Ropani and Bhigha

•1Bhigha=13 Ropani
Similarly in standard units we may use

•1 Ropani =74feet X 74 feet
•1 m=3.28 feet


The kos is an ancient unit of distance that has been in use for over three thousand years; evidence exists from Vedic times to the Mughal period, and even now elderly people in rural areas refer to distances from nearby areas in kos. A kos is about 2.25 miles.
It is variously spelled "Kos", "Kosh", "Krosh", and "Koss" when rendered in the Latin alphabet.
1 Angul (approximate width of a finger) = approx. 3/4 of present day inch;
4 Angul = Dharnugrah (bow grip) = 3 in;
8 Angul = 1 Dhanurmushti (fist with thumb raised) = 6 in;
12 Angul = 1 Vitastaa (span-distance of stretched out palm between the tips of a person's thumb and the little finger) = 9 in;
2 Vittaa (from the tip of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger) = 18 in;
4 (Haath) = 1 Dand or Dhanush (bow) = 6 ft;
2000 Dand (Dhanush) = 1 Kosh or Gorut = 4000 yards or 2 1/4 miles - nearly 3.66 km;
4 Kosh = 1 Yojan = 9 miles - nearly 15 km;


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  2. hi
    what document/ official system is used for measurement of civil engineering works to create BoQs?
    Is there a GoN document of item descriptions and coverage?
    Please advise the title and where I can get a copy